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What's the difference of audio formats MP3, WAV, WMA, VQF, and OGG Vorbis?

Please visit this page Audio Formats Comparing

A required .DLL file MSVBVM60.DLL was not found, how to fix this?

Some of the software on this website was developed with Microsoft Visual Basic. Please download the VBRuntime Library from the following and install it on your comptuer,

I downloaded a recorder software from your site, why it's silence after recording?

Please change the device to different to test it, sometimes , it should be "Stereo Mixer".

When I launch the software, it shows the message "component WMAEncX.dll or one of its dependencies not correctly registered, a file is missing or invalid.". How to fix this?

The WMA encoder needs the Windows media codec installed on the system - this is why your application is failing. Your install application should install the WMFADist.exe from Microsoft. This is available from the MS website for free. Download it and install it to your computer.

I have lost my registration code, how to re-get it?

Please send the following details to, so that we could inform the author resend the registration code to you:
  • Software's Name Exactly:__________________
  • Software's Version Number:__________________
  • Software's Price:__________________
  • Your Order ID:__________________
  • Your Exact Email Address used in the order:__________________
  • Your Exact Name Used in the order:__________________
  • Which website did you place your order? A -, B -, C -, D -, E -

    Why the CD Ripper software does not detect my CDROM and does not show the CD tracks?

    En, it may because that your CDROM does not supported by the CD Ripper software, try this software CD Ripper for Win.

    I am a developer, how to add my mp3 software to your website?

    MP3 software developers are welcome. Send an email to us for your MP3 software submission. We only accept music software or music related software!

    I have one question that is not listed above, where can I send the question to?

    Click here to send an email to us for your question, we will contact you as soon as possible!
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